Hold is a deflationary token.

Dear $HOLD member,

We had several issue to market our product (funding, team…). We will remove the fund in pool.
As we are still fair and honest, we only remove the fund that we have put at the beginning.
We also wanted to thanks you for the financal and human support.
We have raise a project that we believe and it failed.
We are aware of our weaknesses and will work on them to come back stronger.

Thanks ALL


HOLDv3.sol — 0x60c66718a90f1097cd3155baa156df29cd8fcf20

Hi Holders,

As you will understand, we had to deploy a second version of the smart contract before the full implementation of the liquidity pool.
The security we have put in place, which is the limit to 10 $HOLD transactions which is the identification of the Hold token give us some trouble…

The last day.

Day 7 — The last update

We are delighted to report that this project is going as planned. We have made some changes and updated for better use of the HOLD token. Everything is ready.


We have decided to open an additional liquidity pool on Uniswap. So that everyone can…

Day 6 — Distribution

We have improved the distribution of the HOLD token for maximum fairness among users. The ratio remains the same. Here are the steps.

1 ETH = 100 HOLD
2 ETH = 200 HOLD + 10 HOLD (parachuting)

First distribution: 4,000 HOLD

The Pool

The liquidity pool will be…

Day 5 — The burn rate

We are delighted to inform you that our smart contract is well and truly finished. The most complicated thing for us was to calculate a fair burn rate for all users of the token. On such a small supply, it remains complex. …

Day 4 — The strategy

We are working hard to find the best possible strategy for this project. The smart contract that we have developed is finally ready to be deployed. We still have some adjustments to make on the burn rate of HOLD tokens.

We will publish a copy of the smart contracts, which will be available on our official website and we will ask for an audit of this project directly afterwards for maximum transparency between our team and HOLD users.

This rate can be changed later. Once all HOLD tokens are in circulation. Therefore, we will create a voting system. So that the community has full control over their favorite asset, Hold.

Only 1,000 HOLD will remain in circulation.

You can now follow us on:

Best regards,

Hold. Team

Day 3 — Smart contract

Our infrastructure, social networks is good, but lets focus on the concrete. It’s always better. We are just a small team. We are stopping to sleep and already start to develop our smart contract.
The HOLD token will therefore be an ERC20 token. We have thought…


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