Day 1

Day 1 — The birth of an idea.

With a view to evolution. The Hold Team is working on developing a deflationary token. We are going to use a simple token burn process to create an artificial rarity faster than average.

In many projects, burn is voted on, on a specific date, or randomly at the will of the team. This time if we want a micro percentage for each token transaction. We want to create a unique token with high value due to its rarity. The token will be issued with a limited supply. It will not be possible in minter more than its initial supply. System to favor holders and penalize sellers.

  • Total supply : 10,000
  • Final supply : 1,000

The burn system will therefore be effective until the supply is reached. An initial supply of 10,000 tokens is to be minted by the deployer. A part will be dedicated to a pool on Uniswap. Another part will be available from the deployer address. We want to get out of the classic patterns that we see everywhere on DeFi. The tokens received during the first distribution will be blocked in a vault to create a floor price. The final 1,000 tokens will therefore not all be in circulation.

Buy strategy.

A limited amount of token would be added to avoid the volatility.

Mint rate.

Our strategy is not based on the mint of the token. So we are proud to announce to not dilute the supply and only have a fair value on our trust HOLD token.

Burn rate.

A clever burn rate will be in place in order to create a insurance for the holder of the token.

  • Buy : 0.1% of the supply will be burn
  • Sell : 0.5% of the supply will be burn
  • Add pool : 0.15% of the supply will be burn
  • Exit pool : 1% of the supply will be burn

Until we will reach the cap of the 1,000 tokens, the contract will continue to burn following this rules.

The Burn Rate could be changed by a quadratic vote.

See you tomorrow.

Hold Team.



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Hold is a deflationary token.