Day 5 — The burn rate

We are delighted to inform you that our smart contract is well and truly finished. The most complicated thing for us was to calculate a fair burn rate for all users of the token. On such a small supply, it remains complex. We have adjusted the burn rate of the HOLD token.

  • Burn rate : 0.1% — Buy, sell & transfer

The burn mechanism is made to stop by itself when the supply reaches 1,000 HOLD. No mint or remote control function is present in the smart contract, so it will be impossible to find our initial supply of 10,000 HOLD.

9,000 HOLD will therefore never be destroyed.


Who says small supply, says easy dump. This is why we are going to add a function that prevents moving more than 10 tokens per transaction. This function will not always be active.

This process prevents massive dumps, which would be highly detrimental on such a small supply.

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Best regards,
Hold. Team

Hold is a deflationary token.