Day 6 — Distribution

We have improved the distribution of the HOLD token for maximum fairness among users. The ratio remains the same. Here are the steps.

1 ETH = 100 HOLD
2 ETH = 200 HOLD + 10 HOLD (parachuting)

First distribution: 4,000 HOLD

The Pool

The liquidity pool will be accessible on Uniswap after the first receipt of the first distribution. The pool will also be made up of 4,000 HOLD. Why aren’t we afraid to put the same number of tokens in the pool as the first distribution?
In the operation of the Hold system, we have blocked the number of tokens per transaction at 10 HOLD. Which will prevent the whale spill.
This rule is unique to the Hold system. It is a new model that we want to create other than short term speculation. This system will prevent panic sales at the same time.

Remaining offer

There will be 2,000 tokens left. It is 2000 HOLD which will be distributed equitably to all holders of HOLD tokens.
This airdrop will be calculated instantly. The date and time will not be communicated to users. The date and time will not be communicated to Holders. This will promote maintenance before the full supply is released. Addresses that will not have HOLD tokens at this stage will not be eligible for airdrop.

Impact on prices

We know for a fact that this one-of-a-kind airdrop will have a direct impact on the price of the token. The number of tokens per transaction will always be blocked at 10 HOLD. In this case, the holders will still be able to sell their tokens, but this will favor the burn system. This will generate the rarity of the token.

Don’t forget, only 1,000 HOLD will remain in circulation.

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Best regards,
Hold. Team

Hold is a deflationary token.