The last day.

Day 7 — The last update

We are delighted to report that this project is going as planned. We have made some changes and updated for better use of the HOLD token. Everything is ready.


We have decided to open an additional liquidity pool on Uniswap. So that everyone can exchange as they wish. We will therefore divide the supply dedicated to the pools equally between these two pools:


The HOLD tokens will be distributed equally between the two pools depending on the market orientation when the pools are opened. The price of the HOLD token will be low for a constant evolution curve.


We recalibrated the burn system for better use over time. This rate remains low. We keep this orientation that we have refined. Everything will be detailed in the white paper.

Transfer limit

We keep the transfer of HOLD tokens to 10 tokens per transaction. This function will remain active throughout the life of the token.


The official Hold. website is under construction. Be patient, it will be ready in a few days. We put all the information about the project there. Including the white paper that we are in the process of drafting for maximum transparency between the Hold. team and the users.

We set the opening date for the liquidity pools!

We will present the website on our blog. Stay tuned on our social networks.


In the following, to keep our momentum going, we will ask for an audit of the smart contract. We want to remain as transparent as possible. The audit will allow users to discover step by step how the smart contract works and its level of risk. It is a stage that we would like to win. Audits take time, so we asked for it as quickly as possible. You will be informed of further events.

Follow the progress of the project step by step

Best regards,
Hold. Team

Hold is a deflationary token.