HOLDv3.sol — 0x60c66718a90f1097cd3155baa156df29cd8fcf20

Hi Holders,

As you will understand, we had to deploy a second version of the smart contract before the full implementation of the liquidity pool.
The security we have put in place, which is the limit to 10 $HOLD transactions which is the identification of the Hold token give us some trouble for open the liquidity pool.
As we wanted to remain clear on the ownership and the possibility of interacting with the smart contract, we have not created a function that can correct this system remotely by an admin. this was decided for a fairer purpose for the $Hold-er.
We just deployed the V3 immediately afterwards. Here is the address of the final smart contract.

As asked in telegram and For more clarity between the $HOLD Team and token users, we provide visibility into the Gitub smart contract part in a link you can find below. Do not hesitate to ask us your question on discord/telegram.

Etherscan has followed our evolution, so they responded very quickly to our request to migrate information from smart contract to another. The token is therefore already updated and you will find all the information relating to $HOLD directly on Etherscan.

We also received question on new project to sponsor that we will give you the feedback soon.

Follow the progress of the project step by step

Best regards,
Hold. Team

Hold is a deflationary token.