The final goal.

The final goal.

The final goal of HOLD is not really to reach 1,000 tokens. Besides, why did we choose 1,000 tokens? and what happen once we reach this limit? Yews we come to the goal: “Our final goal is to create a reserve of currency in order to create a platform of financing for the new crypto project”.

A finance platform? To do what?

This finance platform will only be reserve for the Holder of Hold. token (thanks to web3). The Holder could participate or not to lend their own HOLD token to some of the project.

This platform will bring together all the people or groups who plan to undertake, to prepare their creation of company, to prepare my business takeover, to launch new project related to the world of crypto in the world. We would like to create a community of business angel coming from the crypto world to help the crypto world to grow.

What could be my advantage to lend my money here instead of compound?

The HOLD token could be lend to a project. this lend will have some interest.
But the real interest is : you will follow closely the team that borrow your money with the weekly report and participate to their private sale or public sale far in advance to compare to an simple ICO.

The other advantages of the plateform? Is there a selection?

A strict selection will be carried out accompanied by an audit on each project.
Each project will be supported both thanks to the HOLD deposited but also with a development team and partner.

Follow the progress of the project step by step

Best regards,
Hold. Team



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